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Andrea Petrillo

LETTERA DAL CROLLO_febbraio 1819 copia.j


Andrea Petrillo. Regular life, happy childhood. He spends puberty and adolescence in a state of sleep. At the age of 20 the discovery of painting and the studies of Letters and Philosophy at the "Università La Sapienza" of Rome. He graduated in Cultural Anthropology, a few years after graduating from the School of Specialization in DEA assets.

Few personal works to his credit, as if art were private writing, more public visibility than parallel installation and audiovisual works. The theme: memory.

The one of the Shoah and the other more private of family origins. Both, not without breaking into one another, aimed at the erratic search for an identity, which is the geography of a shipwreck, the specter of the livid and changing light of the Pontine marshes, of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

<< We should ask ourselves why we continue to see and produce pictures, images, sequences of images, to collect, assemble, manipulate objects and words. Space is saturated with matter and sound ...

In thought there is always a wall to be occupied, a room to be inhabited. Emptiness is not nakedness. We fill the time we have left to be naked. A voice comes from remote regions, it intimates us to go, to get off, to leave a trace of light, an enigmatic line that marks our arrival, our departure >>


I am my present.

Photography as well as stopping something in a time.

Make sure to make presence.

To be present at that moment.

Photography is an action. A perform an act.

What is taken is not part of a project.

It is a way of being in the present in space and time.

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