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Angelo Zuena 

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Angelo Zuena was born in 1970 in Itri in the province of Latina where he lives and works.

His artistic training, which took place outside the academies and marked by a furious desire-need for expression, comes to fruition after a painful conceptual, compositional and formal adventure. Zuena loves complications, looks for chaos, fights with matter. The great obsessive and feverish dedication that the artist dedicates to the preparation of the plates is like a gestural prayer, a spiritual exercise: waiting for the advent; tense and spasmodic to prepare for revelation. From the beauty of chaos and the randomness of the color mapping, the artist lets himself be suggested a way forward, a possible operational solution, solicited and controlled by reason.

His palette: rare fragments of cobalt blue or dizzying ultramarine blue, low and autumnal hues of lumpy and burnt earth, from rotting undergrowth, sinking and entangling like bitumen.

His work ranges from the works of the early years, in which only the sign survives stripped of its primordial essentiality, to the subsequent figurative paintings where the human figure (TRANCE) emerges as a memory, fragment, archaeological fragment of itself. The TRANCE series is a chronicle of movement towards the future, photographed in its raw but necessary phase of laceration, desolation and solitude.

Followed by geometric works, severe and very controlled compositions where sharp triangles sting like broken glass. To reach a new genre, an 'astral' painting where Zuena 'astronaut' portrays planets and stars in her image and likeness, turning to the night sky to find her way back.

In the last works, wild vegetation and seabed are the masters, substances that have the shape of small sponges, friable corals, water waves that have become glass, a constant parthenogenesis of organic matter from inorganic matter, where flower and iron coexist.

Awarded in 2003 with the medal of the President of the Republic, he has exhibited not only in his home area but also in Turin, Biella, Venice, Berlin, Vicenza, Siena, Pisa, Ferrara, Rome, Paris, Latina, Rovereto, Ponza, Fiuggi and Padua. They wrote about his painting: Natale Antonio Rossi, Giovanni Burali d'Arezzo, Francesca Mariotti, Danilo Soscia, Luciano Doddoli, Sara Tagliacozzo, Franco De Luca, Normanno Soscia, Giovanni Stella, Marcello Carlino, Antonio Di Leta, Maria Teresa Molineris.


METAMORFOSI 2010 CM. 81X66,5.jpg


Mixed Technique on Wood

81.00 x 66.50 cm


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