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Today, in a completely sudden and unexpected way, we find ourselves forced into our homes, retired to private life within the home. Times begin to expand, leaving room for nostalgia and feelings that are difficult to focus on because they are completely new. We experience (all together) what is an extremely prolonged extraordinary time, in a world in which this sphere had been totally eradicated in favor of the ordinary time of work, of human activity. At the same time, the urban and extra-urban space has become uninhabited, suspended and devoid of sociability: the streets are deserted, the sounds clear and clean, no hectic activity on the horizon.

While the house, the place that was previously one of our most intimate and private, now almost entirely configures our days (with just some quick sprints to the supermarket).

Our perception of space and time is "altered" because it is different from everything we have experienced so far. 

We therefore thought that it was important to dwell on these profound changes which (perhaps) will be temporary, but certainly not in their repercussions. 

We would like art, so immaterial and too often degraded to mere entertainment, to become not only a source of emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being but also material.

We want to make our active and practical support felt to the community with what we do best.

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