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Debora Iannaccone 

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Debora Iannaccone was born in Gaeta (LT) in 1994. Daughter of deaf people, her mother tongue is the Italian Sign Language and expressing herself through images has always been a fundamental part of her existence. Photography began to fascinate her from an early age and has always had that character of exchange, enrichment and connection with the world of her parents. Soon, Debora feels the need to deepen, as a self-taught, the technical knowledge of this art using it as a means of accessing one's interior. His course of study continues in the field of Sign Language and interpreting but photography continues to occupy a prominent space, especially in communication with others and in sharing emotions. In 2017 she participated in the collective exhibitions "(Pre) subjective judgments" and in the first version of "Specchi del Tempo", while in 2019 she participated in the organization of the exhibition "Innesto # 01: the unpredictable virtue of memory", within the Collective Innesti.

Specchi del Tempo

I used photography as a means of research to discover all those abandoned places that have now become part of the landscape that surrounds us, even if over the years they have lost their identity. Some of these remain a vague reminiscence in collective memory. And despite being in a state of complete abandonment, they still retain their grandeur and strength from when they were in operation. Fascinating and evocative, their stories are told in the acrid smell of closed spaces mixed with dust and vegetation which, every day more, sucks them up, wrapping them in a leaden and almost unreal silence. I tried, through my shots, to restore identity and history to these now anonymous spaces. They are photographs that take on a character of denunciation with the aim of inviting the one who looks at reflection.

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Impeto di vita (non ricordo bene il tito
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