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Flavia Fiengo



She was born in Torre del Greco (Na) on August 15, 1987. At the age of 6, she moved to Formia and at only 14 years of age the first love at first sight with her mother's analog camera, an infatuation that became real love grown with maturity.

In 2013 after graduation, she attended a first level Master at the Roman School of Photography and Cinema.

Since 2012 she is the official photographer of Memorie Urbane, the largest streetart festival in Italy that brings street art to the cities of southern Italy by collaborating and immortalizing internationally renowned artists including the most famous Borondo, Etam Cru, Natalia Rak and l Italian Andrea Ravo etc. earning articles and publications in magazines, books and street art magazines in Italy and in the world, going from republic to evening courier to Sky Arte.

In 2015 she was selected with the "minimalisms" project to exhibit at the "Paratissima 15" in Turin.

In 2016 she exhibited at the Leica Store in Florence with an adjoining publication in

"The Florentine" known Florentine magazine.

She currently lives and works in Gaeta in her own studio / gallery in the historic center of the city called "Archiphoto".

Gaeta al tempo del Covid19

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