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Giovanni Masella

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Giovanni Masella is an art historian, graduated from the University of Roma Tre with a thesis on the art of Correggio.

Giovanni has a passion for photography, influenced by his father, who he carries with him from an early age. Since 2016 he has abandoned digital photography to devote himself only to analog photography. His great passion, in addition to shooting, is that of printing in the darkroom of both color and black and white photos.


A research job in my photographic archive. The impossibility of going out in this period allowed me to review scenes that I had stopped on film when everything was still apparently normal. Scenes that can safely describe this moment of general immobility that goes from children in abandoned playgrounds or to closed carousels, to blocked jobs, to the elderly closed in the house, to animals that know better than us what it means to be forced into a restricted environment .

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