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Jessica Stravato



Jessica Stravato, 25 years old and so many worlds to want to discover.

Statistician and graphic designer, Jessica has always been a lover of reading, writing, acting, music but above all photography. As a child she started taking memories of everything that happened before her, so that she could relive those moments even years later. Over time, this desire has grown enough to feel the need to buy a camera to study as a self-taught. What interests her most are architecture and the relationship that is established with the human figure, the infinite smallness of man in front of the majesty of the places he has created, the sinuosity of intersections of urban space. To photograph is to stop moments, to create memories that enrich existence.


What I present is not a real photographic project, it is rather a set of photos taken over the years and, therefore, very different from each other in colors and representations. Maybe they are not even well next to each other, if you look closely. But this is the interesting thing: they are different moments in my life, stories, meetings; yet, each of these photographs, shares with the others a fund of melancholy towards freedom which is now, unfortunately, denied us. A bridge no longer crossed, a locked door and a factory without workers, a shower head (or rather three) left in the wind, a falling leaf but no one observes it. Then there is the other part of my photographic story that represents a different face of that same melancholy: a protective house, a balcony that offers clean air and sun rays. So here is an invisible thread is found in this photographic story that acquires its own visible space precisely in that subtle melancholy that unites them.

Tra i tetti
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