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Lucia Simeone



Lucia Simeone was born in Gaeta in March 1985.

Despite the different course of studies, she has always started to have a strong attraction for art, therefore she experiences, as a self-taught, different forms of artistic expression, mixing techniques and materials. Over the years her artistic career has unfolded between photography, music, exhibitions, contests and video creations. In June 2019 she participates in a collective of artists with her work 'Rib Cage', an introspective journey made of RX plates, led lights, photography, videos and noises in music, which accompany the viewer along the whole complicated emotional journey. In December 2019 she has exhibited in Vindicio with her installation "Senza facce, Senza Nome" a work that emerges from the shores of the sea to sensitize passers-by on the difficult issue on migrants.

Ex Poseidon

Ex poseidon

As a child, this abandoned place near home was a dream for me.

The fence railings covered by time-worn sheets let us glimpse the swimming pool on the sea and the empty and peeling cabins, we dreamed, with the other children of Vindicio, of being able to clean it up in order to use it, to make it our own ...

Today in the same way I look out of my window, an imaginary railing forces me closed in the house and I dream of what I will return to do when all this is finished.

Mare Dentro

Mare dentro

Space has its own loneliness,
loneliness the sea
and loneliness death - yet
all these are crowds
compared to that deeper point,
polar secrecy,
who is a soul in front of herself:
finite infinity.



Emily Dickinson

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