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Lucia Soscia



Raised in a small reality between the hills, olive groves and the sea, Lucia graduated in Languages in the most beautiful city in the world: Naples. He has always been a photographer, writes poetry, articles and stories, is a lover of art and its history. With her eyes always turned towards the sky, she is passionate about dreams and constellations, but lives to know the world and the other (ve).



Stand on the edge of your eyes

like a drop from heaven

in a summer storm

feeling lonely

and this

and it is much more

feeling alone in the world

like a falling drop

from one point of the universe to another

in the multitude of drops

in growing loneliness

lonely solidarity

every single drop, close to the other

so close that they can't touch

and so I feel like this drop

close to each of you, of us

almost untouchable, almost labile

akin to every drop of this sky

dancing, trembling, falling

why stay on the edge of your eyes

it is having seen beyond but detaching for a moment

from your body

stand near the edge of the precipice

and I don't want to look down

always ahead


the thrill of desperate flight

of the summer rain





Lucia Soscia



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