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Matteo Ruggieri

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Matteo Ruggieri was born in Gaeta (Lt) on February 24, 1997. From an early age he cultivated his natural inclination towards the world of pictorial art, refining it with painting courses at a private studio that gave him the opportunity to experiment with different techniques. In 2017 he participated, for the first time, in an exhibition in his city. After completing his high school studies, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where he still continues his artistic training. Between 2018 and 2019 he has the opportunity to exhibit in one of the exhibitions organized by the Academy itself. Also in 2019, he participates in the 9 ”Margini competition, curated by Laura Giovanna Bevione, at the Municipality of Albano Laziale (Nemi) and is rewarded with the exhibition of the work presented in Castel Gandolfo, at the Museum of the II Practical Legion and in the Hall of arms of Palazzo Ruspoli.

Paesaggio in Dissolvenza

Paesaggio in dissolvenza 1.png
Paesaggio in dissolvenza 2.png

Nature has always been a great source of fascination for man, an attraction accompanied, however, by a great sense of anxiety. In the series "Fading landscape" I wanted to depict the feeling of disorientation of the current moment: the landscape is evanescent as it is enveloping, so the randomness of colors that is positioned between concreteness and perdition.

The two human figures, despite their strong presence, are helpless and almost disappear in the wave of a mystified atmosphere. It is nature that, with its laws, suddenly overwhelms the certainties of everyday life, revealing its precariousness, and leaves us helpless before its presence and ourselves, you forget that we too are nature.




17.50 x 26.50 cm

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